Dashboards and Analytics

SpiceCSM provides powerful, visual dashboardand reporting capabilities that provide
actionable insight across all systems and activities in your digital ecosystem

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Monitor Every Critical KPI in One Dashboard

These real-time reports show dynamic information from your entire digital ecosystem on one simple to use dashboard. With SpiceCSM, you can create customized reporting dashboards consistent with your company’s unique goals. Quickly see how well the underlying processes and systems are performing and which ones need to be improved.

Reporting That Crosses Boundaries

SpiceCSM can connect data from all your distinct systems into a single reporting and analytical platform.  Combine data structures using data you choose from the systems that you interact with.  Customize advanced reports using SpiceCSM Report Builder that puts powerful development tools at your fingertips.  Inherently add another layer of security by removing direct access to systems of records.

SpiceCSM Makes Your Data Meaningful

Monitor the key performance indicators that are critical to your digital eco system with SpiceCSM Reporting and Visual Analytics

Connect data from multiple systems into a
single analytical hub

Display data in real-time using
connected Visual Dashboard

Role-specific dashboards to monitor what is important to each group

Filter data to quickly isolate subsets of metrics and identify KPI thresholds

Real-time reports that combine multiple
sources into a single interface

Schedule and export reports in a
variety of data formats