Business Rules Engine

Automate routine tasks by defining actions that trigger on interaction-based or scheduled events

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Increased efficiency and accountability with
SpiceCSM Business Rules Engine

Easily create proactive and automated Business Rules with SpiceCSM's visual automation design manager.  A powerful "If-Then" business engine that can perform actions based on real-time inputs or run at predetermined intervals.

  • Automate procedural tasks that can leverage API's, CRM, and scripting capability
  • Perform multiple actions from a single event or condition
  • Increase efficiency by eliminating routine manual tasks
  • Inherently minimized human error through standardized interactions
  • Unmatched accountability from systematic event monitoring
  • 2800+ standard real-time event combinations that can be expanded without limit
  • Scheduled events can be configured to run on certain days and/or at certain times

SpiceCSM Applies the Same Robotic Automation to Back-End Processes

Automate events that provide proactive and reliable service in real-time or on a scheduled interval

Save time by eliminating routine
and repetitive interactions

Minimize user-error through
standardized interactions


Easily create Business Rules using our
visual automation designer

Leverage API's, CRM, and
Scripting functionality

Real-time automation that constantly
monitors for defined condition

Scheduled automation that works
reliably when you tell it to