Intelligent Robotic Process Automation

           Quickly automate processes within or between disparate systems applying
                                 complex logic and replacing manual processes

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Quickly and easily automate processes and data
interactions that span your digital eco-system

Free up business cycles to focus on delivering exceptional customer outcomes.  Automate repeatable and programmable tasks.  Robotic process automation can also reduce training expenses, improve capacity, and alleviate the need for additional headcount. Programmable tasks improve accuracy and handling time, eliminating human error from the equation.

  • Build processes that can run with or without any user interaction
  • Use the same Process Editor design tools to create workflows
  • API's can run anywhere in the workflow to interact machine-to-machine
  • Use JavaScript for complex manipulation of data from within the workflows
  • Programmable logic that evaluates data to Switch between processes
  • Abstracted Development Layer to create and host system code, like PHP

SpiceCSM is Always Reliable and Always Working

Create efficiencies, reduce work, improve experiences, and avoid costs by automating processes that are currently performed manually

Connect multiple systems together to automate processes with specified logic

Automate multiple system interactions
based on a single agent input

Processes can run entirely
without user interaction