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Google Calendar Integration

Integrate Google Calendar into your SpiceCSM Unified Interface SpiceCSM works with Google Calendar to streamline event management.  Connect either through direct integrations that tie directly to business processes or by utilizing familiar Google embeddable interfaces that extend the UI you're used to into the CRM/agent interface. SpiceCSM brings your Google Calendar functionality into the CRM for a more accessible interface so that agents can manage events from directly within the Unified User Interface.  Make Google Calendar part of your business processes.

Case Study: Monat Global

SpiceCSM Direct Sales Hub: Revitalizing the Customer Experience Since 2014, Monat has been revitalizing the confidence in women around the world through innovative skin and hair care. Monat takes special pride in the natural compounds that their products are based on and they strive to help people everywhere feel beautiful and live healthy, fulfilling lives. Operating as an international business with consultants all over the world, Monat needed a robust support system that allows them to handle interactions, manage information, and provide solutions.

SpiceCSM Logo & Tagline Refresh

The Platform for Digital Transformation is Transforming our Logo!  We're excited to announce that we are refreshing our logo with a new tagline. As we have continued to enhance the platform we felt it was time to update our tagline to better represent the latest vision and capabilities of SpiceCSM: Simply Future Proof.

Case Study: America's Pharmacy Source

SpiceCSM Customer Engagement Hub: Powering the Future of Pharmacy  America’s Pharmacy Source is an online retail pharmacy that provides outstanding support to customers of their mail-order pharmacy support with the vision of "The Future of Pharmacy Today". America’s Pharmacy Source operates exclusively online and offers a wide range of medications at a low cost with home delivery to their patients. They provide their patients with competitive pricing, easy access to medications, and exceptional customer service. Since launching in 2018, America’s Pharmacy Source has become a trusted resource for their patients.

International City Government Selects SpiceCSM

SpiceCSM Universal User Interface (UUI): 360 Degree View of the Customer An International City Government has selected SpiceCSM to provide an All-In-One CRM and Unified Desktop to manage and serve their ~2 million constituents. SpiceCSM’s Unified Desktop brings information from other systems into a single interface and allows organizations to customize the agent front-end to make information easier to interact with. The ability to leverage that data inside a robust Business Process Management (BPM) Engine that provides agent guidance cemented SpiceCSM as the chosen platform to run their Contact Center operations.

JIRA Integration

SpiceCSM’s JIRA Integration Shares Data & Connects Platforms SpiceCSM introduces a JIRA Platform Integration to allow for utilization of CRM/business data directly into the software management platform. Organizations rely on various systems to track business progress & client engagement data, as well project progress. Maintaining a system truth and having consistent & up-to-date documentation requires that all teams, technical & non-technical, be able to engage with information more effectively. Traditionally because of software complexity and user accessibility, primarily development team members utilize JIRA. This requires training additional stakeholders or . SpiceCSM’s solution to the data and communication disconnect is to provide all team members some level of access to JIRA. The JIRA integration connects to the SpiceCSM platform, allowing for data transfer into JIRA directly from the SpiceCSM end. SpiceCSM is an Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS), so in connecting to JIRA, all systems unified in SpiceCSM can also send data into JIRA.

Realtor Property Resources

SpiceCSM Universal User Interface (UUI): Yields 50% Reduction in AHT and Eases Work From Home

GoToMeeting Integration

SpiceCSM introduces GoToMeeting Integrated Unified Desktop SpiceCSM introduces our newest integration with GoToMeeting which brings collaboration into the Unified Desktop and CRM. Easily manage meeting, set new appointments, and join meetings from directly within SpiceCSM using GoToMeeting leading teleconference software. Agents can interact with meetings directly or they can be manipulated automatically through processes or decisions the agent makes. Organize Meetings Methodically with SpiceCSM With the GoToMeeting integration in SpiceCSM, users leverage guided process workflows that can be programmed to interact with meetings in specific ways. For example; if a customer requires additional support, the process can launch a GoToMeeting session while sending the information to the customer’s email address.

Textel SMS Integration

SpiceCSM’s Textel Integration Leads to Better & Faster Customer Engagement SpiceCSM introduces our newest integration with Textel, a solution which allows businesses to send and receive text messages through any existing business or phone line. Our Textel Integration allows for SMS to be built into any client’s business process workflows, within the SpiceCSM Engagement Suite. The power of this integration lies in allowing users to automate and customize text messages easily. Technical knowledge on configuring API's is not required to successfully use Textel in our low-code visual Process Editor.

Case Study: Nature's Sunshine

Dated Solutions vs SpiceCSM:           Modern & Low Code Architecture   About Nature's Sunshine: Nature’s Sunshine Products (NSP) is a leading health and wellness company that markets and distributes natural nutritional and personal care products. The company manufactures most of its products and their global direct sales force of over 500,000 independent managers, distributors, and customers is present in over 40 countries. The Challenge: NSP had been using Oracle Service Cloud in their call center to service customers, which served as a good product but was overly complex and expensive for the value received. Call centers were only using about 10% of the features it offered but were paying the full price of the platform. They utilized the customer database portion, some workflow and cash management segments, and a small part of analytics that they built out for themselves to monitor disposition and call center reporting. However, NSP did not fully implement the entire customer user interface, reporting or survey functions, and were not using analytics features to their fullest capacity.

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