Unified Customer Engagement Hub

Seamlessly integrate all of your applications and processes into a single, intuitive, unified interface.
Leverage intelligent guided processes that enable users to work better, faster, and smarter.
Designed to keep your users and customers more productive and satisfied.

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Create Your Digital Mesh

  • Bring data from many other systems directly into a single interface
  • End the constant alt-tabbing and cut-n-pasting between applications
  • Eliminate the need for training users in multiple different systems
  • Workflow is integrated directly into the unified desktop to make following processes easy and seamless

Customer Service Management Platform

  • Account and Case management system to track interactions
  • Multi-tenant capability to manage multiple different business units
  • Stand-alone functionality provides all inclusive CRM functionality
  • Works with existing CRM's like Salesforce, Zendesk, and others
  • Knowledgebase that can be extended through 3rd party applications
  • Leverage canned responses in emails and case journal notes
  • Persistent emergency notification panel for urgent messages

SpiceCSM Makes Your Systems and Processes Less Frustrating

The features and benefits of our unified desktop are exactly what you need to work better

Save time with less repetitive

Data is ported to and from source
applications seamlessly


Access data using more
secure methods

Access multiple systems in
a single interaction

All applications in one space –
no more alt-tabbing

No more cut and paste of data
between applications