Workflow Engine

Create and follow structured work-flows that apply complex logic and tie together
disparate systems and data to improve quality and consistency for any process

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Process Editor






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Simple and Intuitive Visual Guided Process Builder

Create intelligent decision trees with rich embedded content. The Process Editor enables your organization to design intelligent tasks and processes and automate them within the SpiceCSM platform.

  • Low-code design and automation tool allows anyone to easily create intelligent workflows that integrate with other systems
  • Drag-and-drop "nodes" onto the workspace and fill in the corresponding content
  • What you see is what you get - see changes you make in real-time, just like an agent would, as processes are being built
  • Processes and scripts can be presented where the agents are working
  • Enable non-technical and lightly trained agents to master complex customer interactions


Intelligent and Integrated Next-Best-Step Decision Engine

Guided processes that are more than just decision trees.  Intelligent, next-best-step decision engine that can crunch complex logic and talk bi-directionally to other systems.  Make sure every interaction is handled with expert precision.

  • Segment logical business units like departments, products, locations, or companies
  • Easy and intuitive workflows that can be programmed to minimize error
  • Present next-best-steps that performs complex logic entirely in the background
  • Interact with 3rd party systems automatically as part of the process, machine to machine for maximum security and minimal errors
  • Leverage SpiceCSM or any other 3rd-party CRM applications through integrations
  • Better controlled processes provide more consistency, higher efficiency, and systematically reliable data for analytics

SpiceCSM Makes Content Management Simple

We built a low-code development platform that makes workflows as easy to build as they are intuitive to follow

Easily create rich interactive workflows using a drag-and-drop visual editor

Intelligent decision engines that apply
complex logic in real-time

See development changes in realtime;
WYSIWYG - what you see is what you get

Integrate anywhere from a workflow with bi-directional API capability

Low-code development platform enables
more content contributors

Easy and intutive to follow workflows that perform logic in the background

Connect workflows to other systems seamlessly and without human interaction

Guided processes provide consistent
results and reliable data