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Moving the Health Care Industry Forward

SpiceCSM is Moving the Health Care Industry Forward

SpiceCSM services a multitude of industries including many clients that belong to the health care industry.

So, where does SpiceCSM has to offer to the health care industry? Let us dig deeper into how SpiceCSM is helping move the health care industry forward with its exquisite features, and how the health care industry is using Spice to advance its business processes.

How Is SpiceCSM Helping the Health Care Industry?

The health care industry has seen a huge shift recently with the adoption of innovative technology. This transition has surfaced the importance of modern solutions in the health care call centers.


In the past, a health care call center was generally seen as a necessary cost center where money was spent but never made. However, CRM and other emerging technology has changed this viewpoint and can now help a call center gain a considerable ROI if applied correctly. When integrated into a call center, CRM and integrated business processes can lead to higher levels of customer engagement as well as the following benefits:

  • Postmodern healthcare ERP
  • Better understanding the needs of patients
  • Value-based performance analytics
  • Real-time feedback and automations
SpiceCSM Health Care Use Cases

Here are some of the services that SpiceCSM CRM is being utilized for in the the health care industry:

  • Support and service processes that work across any channel.
  • Managing appointments for patients.
  • SMS Integration for appointment reminders.
  • Tracking interactions with patients.
  • Processing claims.
  • Planning and managing elective surgeries.
  • Advanced reporting.
  • Selling supplemental insurance.
  • Improving accuracy.
  • Decreasing AHT.
  • Improving agent/customer satisfaction.
  • Coordinating non-emergency medical transportation.
  • Automation of data collection and tracking.

Health Care Case Studies

Let us now peek into a few clients from the health care industry and how they have helped transform their business using the SpiceCSM platform.

National Health Care Insurance Provider

One of the nations largest Health Care insurance provider needed a HIPAA compliant patient engagement platform to oversee their vast member data. After utilizing the services offered by SpiceCSM, here are the benefits this provider enjoyed:

  1. They were able to build a HIPAA-compliant patient engagement platform on SpiceCSM. This engagement portal allows the insurance provider to oversee the member data to target and offer the right products to their customers.
  2. Through the SpiceCSM platform, the insurance provider was able to efficiently manage and contact eligible customers.
  3. By using the SpiceCSM All-In-One-CRM the insurance provider can efficiently reach out to prospective members at exactly the right time.
  4. By employing SpiceCSM, the provider was able to offer new services to existing members, thereby extending their level of services to old and new customers alike.
  5. By using the Guided Process scripting offered by SpiceCSM, the provider was able to present their agents with step-by-step handling instructions for every interaction and scenario.
  6. The step-by-step handling instructions also improved the provider’s efficiency and ability to capture data effectively. This allowed them to handle more interactions while providing better data, reporting, and ultimately a better member experience.

A Leading Dental Health Care Provider

A leading Dental Health Care Provider required a future-proof patient-engagement platform. Here are some benefits they reaped by utilizing the SpiceCSM platform:

  1. Using SpiceCSM, the provider was able to take the organization from largely manual processes to a completely unified platform.

  2. They were able to manage the patient experience and automated many of the mission-critical tasks.  

  3. The dental provider was also able to integrate automation into their data collection and tracking processes

America's Pharmacy Source

America's Pharmacy Source is an online retail pharmacy that uses SpiceCSM to provide outstanding support for their online mail-order pharmacy. The pharmacy specifically utilizes the SpiceCSM CRM and Integration capabilities to help support consumers on their online retail pharmacy.

Here are the benefits leveraged by America’s Pharmacy through the SpiceCSM platform:

  1. SpiceCSM's future-proof platform was a perfect match for America's Pharmacy Source and their vision of providing "The Future of Pharmacy Today".  
  2. Leveraging integrations with NICE CXOne and their outbound dialing technology, CRM data from SpiceCSM drives proactive interactions with their consumers. 
  3. Agents now follow client-defined Guided Processes that walk them through each type of interaction making each conversation more efficient and allowing the agents to focus on the consumer, rather than the process. 
  4. Every interaction is tracked for follow-up customer service as well as for quality assurance, and questions from customers are handled accurately and efficiently.

Various Medical Practices and Facilities

SpiceCSM’s Unified User Interface (UUI) helps the health industry by combining data and functionality from existing business systems into a single platform.

This also includes integrations to ACD systems like NICE CXOne and Five9 for inbound/outbound telephony and SMS Solutions like Textel and Ushur for enhanced SMS messaging to better manage the patient experience.  Additionally, SpiceCSM automates list creation based on patient profiles to improve how medical practices and facilities contact their patients, thus providing a more thorough and enjoyable customer service experience.

Patient Engagement Digital Ecosystem

Here are some of the integrated solutions leveraged through SpiceCSM by some of its health care clients:

  1. IBM Watson: Advanced email handling and routing.
  2. NICE CXOne: Inbound and outbound telephony with agent controls built directly into the SpiceCSM platform.
  3. Five9: Leading cloud contact center platform provides inbound and outbound contact handling. 
  4. Textel: Advanced business texting solutions works seamlessly with the CRM and business processes.
  5. Ushur: Provides SMS notifications and reminders for patients.
  6. Dentrix: Dental practice management software, the first of its kind built-in 1989.
  7. ePostRx: Pharmacy tool that manages prescription details and automates prescription fulfillment.
  8. Elavon: Award-winning payment processing platform to handle merchant services.
  9. Lights Out: Workforce Optimization is triggered to remove sensitive information for compliance purposes.

Don’t forget to head on over to our Blog to read more about How a CRM is Critical to The Customer Journey.  If you want to learn more about how SpiceCSM is helping transform organizations and customer experiences, contact us for more information.

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