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FDRL - First Day of the Rest of Your Life!


What are you going to do today to make a difference?  In your life? Personal, Professional, Philanthropic? Seriously, what are you going to do? What is the one thing that you will do today that will make everything else irrelevant?  Irrelevant is a strong word BUT it gets to the heart of achieving what's really important?  It helps you eliminate or ease all of the other miscellaneous, less important tasks that tend to monopolize our time, and ultimately hold us back from achieving our goals."

About a year ago, I read a book by Gary Keller,  "The One Thing".  In it Gary makes a point about the importance of asking yourself one question everyday: "What is The One Thing that you will do today that will make everything else irrelevant?"  Ask it daily and then devote time to doing it and you will, in short order, transform your life. I can attest that it works.  I've applied it across all phases off my life. I've never been clearer,more focused and more confident in my future.  

I think back about how I would have applied this thought process when I owned and ran a contact center. What would we have accomplished faster? What would we have done better? So today, I simply challenge you to ask yourself: What is the #1 Thing you can do such that by doing it that everything else will become unnecessary or irrelevant? 

At SpiceCSM we're passionate about helping agents of transformation do exactly this.  Regardless of your existing role, or the industry that you operate in, you are likely faced with many pressures, both internal and external, to transform your business.  This could simply mean increasing revenue and/or cutting costs, improving employee engagement and retention, or overhauling the customer experience.  The pressures placed on you, and the subsequent myriad decisions that you must make as a result, can often prevent transformation, or at the very least slow progress such that you're prone to disruption by the competition.

So what is the one thing you must do to move yourself and your organization forward?  What keeps you up at night and how do you sift through all of the noise and gain clarity in the action needed to achieve your goals?  I want to know and will respond.  Today is the FDRL...let's make it a great day together. 



Mike Ryan
Mike Ryan
Head Pepper!

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