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Measure What Matters Most to the Customer

In any business, your customer is always your top priority. Providing quality customer service means catering to their needs as best you can. But before you can cater to those needs, first you have to understand them. What do your customers want? What matters most to them? These may seem like simple questions, but more often than not, companies get it wrong.

  • 3 min read
  • 7/30/15 8:39 AM

Six Organization Traits Needed to Excel at Customer Service

“The customer is always right.” This old maxim is more than a little clichéd, but there’s still a fair amount of truth to it. If you want your company to succeed, you need to put the customer first. It has to be not just a maxim, but a way of life, throughout your organization. So how can you do it? What steps can you take and policies can you implement? Here are six traits your organization needs to excel at customer service.

  • 4 min read
  • 7/23/15 8:30 AM

Ten Customer Experience Center Best Practices

Whether you are looking to retain your current customer base or just shorten the average handle time, it really goes without saying that every step a call center takes to improve is geared towards improving customer experience and reducing customer effort. When it comes to reducing effort, probably one of the most important metrics a call center should focus on is first call resolution (FCR.)There is a significant difference between a world-class caliber call center and an average call center. A call center must achieve 80 percent or higher to attain world-class FCR call center status. This typically means an average of 1.2 calls or less is needed to resolve a customer’s inquiry or issue. In this day and age, call centers with an FCR performance level of 67 percent are considered to be well below average, meaning it takes 1.5 calls in order to resolve a customer’s inquiry or problem.

  • 7 min read
  • 5/21/15 9:26 AM

5 Things That Matter to Customers Regardless of the Industry

Customers today have a different frame of reference and expect more from all of their providers, regardless of industry. They expect the same level of exceptional service from online retailers to insurance providers, utility companies and beyond. Regardless of your industry, using an integration platform and guided process such as SpiceCSM allows you to bridge those divides and seamlessly provide superior customer service across any industry providing any service. As you read this article you can add this to the end of every sentence…”SpiceCSM already does that!”

  • 4 min read
  • 3/2/15 10:31 AM

Companies With Terrible Customer Service

Recently, MSN Money released the findings from their annual customer service survey. Consumers from all over the US were surveyed about their experience with 150 of the nations largest organizations. As the US continues to rebound from the recent (and current) recession, companies of all sizes are focusing on delivering better customer service to ensure customers keep coming back.

  • 3 min read
  • 7/1/13 9:07 AM

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