Process Automation

Work smarter not harder and let your data work for you.


What Is Process Automation?

Automatically perform specific business functions to achieve digital transformation.

Automated Dispositions

Good reporting requires accurate final data.  SpiceCSM uses your process data as the means to create the ultimate system of truth.  Each process step can be evaluated to automatically and correctly classify an interaction.  You can also remove this step from manual processes altogether for even more efficiency.

Automated Notes

Every step of a process tells a story, and accurately capturing that story is crucial.  SpiceCSM can be easily configured to track any detail about the interaction automatically.  No more stopping to take notes, leading to a better user experience as well as improved efficiency and consistency among all your case notes.  

Automated Actions

We took some of the most common, manual functions that are either tedious or require a high level of detail and turned them into configurable process actions you can use in your workflow.  Automatically send emails, change CRM fields, schedule events, or interact with the CRM database to create a seamless hybrid workforce.


Machine to Machine

SpiceCSM guided processes can now be used to orchestrate all of your back-end system interactions.  Our robust Automation Suite lets you connect disparate systems and/or data sources and incorporate them into your process design.  Build processes that run completely independent of human interaction.

Programmable and Repeatable

The complete platform to manage your systematic and recurring process tasks.  Process automation provides consistent results every time without variation.  Configure processes to deliver the exact results you expect every time.  Perfect for tedious or repetitive tasks since the platform never sleeps or gets tired.


Low-Code Configuration

Live automation is made possible through a low-code, menu driven interface.  The Automation Suite and processes are configured using the same simple drag and drop, visual design studio as our Guided Processes.  There are no additional applications to learn to create automated processes.

Stop Worrying About Tedious or Mission Critical Tasks

Process Automation is unwavering when reliability and accountability are critical

Mission Critical 

Automation is unwavering which makes it the perfect solution for mission critical tasks.  There are no days off or no breaks, so you never have to worry about the job getting done on time.  The results are always accurate and repeatable.  It's simply the most reliable way to manage your most important tasks.

Business Rules

The easiest way to make your data actionable; business rules provides a visual routine editor to configure and run repeatable and real-time tasks.  Perform automated actions and/or data manipulation based on either real-time or time-based triggers.  All configured through a simple visual automation builder.

Hybrid Workforce

Process automation makes things easier and more enjoyable for users by performing tedious and repeatable tasks automatically.  This hybrid business model allows users to focus on the interactions that require more of a human touch thereby providing more business value and a better overall experience.


Frequently Asked Questions

What types of data can you capture in the workflow?

SpiceCSM can capture data through all major HTML input fields.  These are easily setup using our low-code visual process designer.

How can process automation help my business?

SpiceCSM was built as a low-code/no-code integration platform.  We are continuously adding plug and play libraries for the most popular software systems.  Generic API nodes just need basic API parameters to configure.

What types of actions can I automate?

You can automate process actions such as taking notes, setting case outcomes for reporting, data validation, sending emails, and so much more.

What can I do with Business Rules?

Business Rules are trigger-based events that can be launched at a scheduled time interval or from some real-time interaction.  An example of a Scheduled Business Rule would be sending a reminder email 24 hours after contact.  An example of a Live Business Rule would be calling an external API when a case is set to "Escalated".

What types of events can I run with Business Rules?

With our Business Rules you have the ability generate an email or survey, schedule a follow up task, manipulate the case parameters, call an external API, and more!

How easy are the automations to configure?

Like most things in SpiceCSM, Process Automation is low-code or no-code.  Most options and business logic can be configured through visual process design steps and/or visual menus for simple setup.  

Building Business Transformations

Next to our employees, our biggest asset is our customers.
Here are just a few of the nice things that have been said about SpiceCSM:

"We can go from a new sales request to launching a product in 3 weeks, versus 60-90 days.  There's nothing that we can't customize with SpiceCSM"

Bill Wilder

CEO at Connect Force

"SpiceCSM's integration with Amazon Connect allows customers to create a Unified Customer Engagement Hub. By leveraging Amazon Connect, customer experience leaders can easily integrate their existing systems and incorporate AWS offerings..."

Pasquale DeMaio

General Manager at Amazon Connect

"Not only was training time reduced drastically, but our clients calls are being handled according to their expectations.  SpiceCSM is so much more than just another CRM and is a “must have” for any call center that hopes to be successful in this competitive industry"

Call Center Manager

Leading BPO Contact Center

“The uniqueness of SpiceCSM resides in its all encompassing ability to integrate seamlessly disparate applications and systems. Our close rate increased up to 69 percent, (and) we achieved our goals in half the time for less than 80 percent of the previous costs.”

Operations Manager

Leading ISP

“Competitive solutions often require a complete ‘rip and replace’when implementing a system change, and this requires considerable time and costs. However, this is not the case with SpiceCSM’s solutions. The platform generates great value, particularly in the IT department, where cost savings on professional services can be as much as 75 percent.”

Michael DeSalles

Principal Analyst at Frost & Sullivan

"Governments comprise over 70% of our client base and each client has very specific processes to follow. Spice makes it very easy to embed the approved scripts and create dynamic process paths based on specific customer attributes."
James Hansen

Assistant Director, Call Center/Manager, Data Analytics at Engaging Solutions, LLC

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