Unified User Interface (UUI)

Combine the best pieces of your business into one platform.


What Is Unified User Interface?

Combine data and functionality from your existing business systems into a single platform.

Combine Data

Consolidate data from multiple sources into a single interface.  Give your users the right data, at the right time, from the right system.  Show multiple data streams in a single view, and write data out to any number of connected systems.

Best In Breed

Create the perfect platform for your business by combining the best-in-breed applications for each function into a single interface.  Leverage each application for it's specialized purpose instead of trying to find a one-size-fits-all business process. 

Secure Data

Provide an additional layer of security by restricting direct access to systems of truth.  Control what data and functions users have access to instead of providing manual access to those connected systems.


Train Faster

Training becomes easier when data and business systems are joined within one unified platform.  Greatly reduce training time and increase productivity by combining the information and tools users need to perform better and more efficiently.  

Flexible CRM

Providing a simple and effective account and case management platform, the CRM can be customized to display any relevant data points.  With all the features you expect, including knowledgebase, canned responses, and disposition management.

Drive KPI's

SpiceCSM's Unified User Interface is built to drive efficiencies across major Key Performance Indicators.  Reduce AHT by streamlining process, increase CSAT scores through better business processes, and produce more accurate reporting with simple automations.

Work Better, Faster, More Securely

Drive efficiency with our connected and controllable all-in-one business platform

Data Orchestration Hub

Combine the most useful data and functions of your business into a single platform to create your own best-in-breed Unified User Interface (UUI).  Seamlessly connect with other data sources to push or pull data.  Connect systems like telephony and payment processing that are driven by a consolidated CRM interface. 

Flexible CRM

A complete and customizable CRM that has everything you need to manage your customers without the extra noise.  Support clients across any industry or media.  With full account and case management across multiple CRM campaigns, as well as other helpful features to keep users engaged and efficient.

No Rip-And-Replace

Continue to leverage current investments.  SpiceCSM can work in parallel to your existing systems where applicable.  Whether you are trying to provide a secure window into your existing data or connect systems that perform specialized functions, we help you build your best-in-breed UUI.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of a UUI?

Having all your data and functionality in one system improves efficiency by lowering handle time, improves accuracy by automating notes and interaction classification, decreases training time, and simplifies business process management for administrators.

I have a system that already does _______ really well?

That's great!  We don't want or expect you to give up on that investment, which is why we integrate and work with your existing business systems.  Create your own best-in-breed digital ecosystem and let us help you orchestrate it.

How can my data be more secure in a UUI?

Users typically only need a subset of data to perform their duties.  Instead of giving your end users direct access to the systems that contain all of the data, our UUI allows you to cherry pick which data is needed, and display only that data in our CRM/Process/etc.  Your users no longer require access to those systems that contain more data than they need.

Who typically builds integrations with SpiceCSM?

Integrations are typically configured initially by someone with a limited engineering or development background.  SpiceCSM provides a low-code GUI that makes configuration easy for novice users and developers alike.

What type of data and functionality will be in my UUI?

That's entirely up to you!  You will have all the core competencies of the SpiceCSM package you choose.By allowing you to build your best-in-breed digital eco system you can create your own collection of systems.  Typically we'll integrate with an ACD/Telephony platform, such as one of our trusted SpiceCSM Partners.  We may also see connections to licensing or provisioning systems, other databases, verification services, and payment processing systems for example.

How does a UUI drive KPI performance?

SpiceCSM consolidates data and functions from all your business system to deliver a seamless experience for your end users.  With no need to ALT-TAB between applications, copy and paste data, and systematic processes to keep things moving, users are simply more efficient.  Additionally, our interactive guided processes do so much more than your standard static knowledgebase, so questions are answered more quickly and effectively.

Building Relationships

Our biggest asset is our relationships and the great people and companies that we work with! 
Here is what some of the people we have had the pleasure to work with have to say about SpiceCSM:

"We can go from a new sales request to launching a product in 3 weeks, versus 60-90 days.  There's nothing that we can't customize with SpiceCSM"

Bill Wilder

CEO at Connect Force

"SpiceCSM's integration with Amazon Connect allows customers to create a Unified Customer Engagement Hub. By leveraging Amazon Connect, customer experience leaders can easily integrate their existing systems and incorporate AWS offerings..."

Pasquale DeMaio

General Manager at Amazon Connect

"Not only was training time reduced drastically, but our clients calls are being handled according to their expectations.  SpiceCSM is so much more than just another CRM and is a “must have” for any call center that hopes to be successful in this competitive industry"

Call Center Manager

Leading BPO Contact Center

“The uniqueness of SpiceCSM resides in its all encompassing ability to integrate seamlessly disparate applications and systems. Our close rate increased up to 69 percent, (and) we achieved our goals in half the time for less than 80 percent of the previous costs.”

Operations Manager

Leading ISP

“Competitive solutions often require a complete ‘rip and replace’when implementing a system change, and this requires considerable time and costs. However, this is not the case with SpiceCSM’s solutions. The platform generates great value, particularly in the IT department, where cost savings on professional services can be as much as 75 percent.”

Michael DeSalles

Principal Analyst at Frost & Sullivan

"Governments comprise over 70% of our client base and each client has very specific processes to follow. Spice makes it very easy to embed the approved scripts and create dynamic process paths based on specific customer attributes."
James Hansen

Assistant Director, Call Center/Manager, Data Analytics at Engaging Solutions, LLC

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