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What Is A Workflow Engine?

A complete business process improvement platform to manage workflow from the back-end forward

Get It Right Every Time

With SpiceCSM you'll have the right information in the right place at the right time.  Information you need can be pulled from any system and combined into a unified interface to eliminate hunting and pecking.  Delivered though SpiceCSM's CRM and interactive workflow you always get the information exactly when you need it.  

Next Best Decision

Powerful interactive workflows that are simple to follow.  Information can be broken into sections making it easier to focus on the actual process.  Decision making logic can be built directly into the process allowing every step to automatically adapt to any situation.  With SpiceCSM you can be sure the next step is always the right step

Structured Workflows

Programmable processes that produce consistent results.  You define every step of the process to capture the exact data you need.  Think of it as "process guard rails" to ensure every interaction is handled within the boundaries you set.  You'll love the consistency and they'll love the simplicity.  

Visual Process Design

SpiceCSM Guided Processes are as easy to build as they are intuitive to follow.  Using a WYSIWYG visual process designer you see exactly what the end user will see while you build.  This takes the guess work out of process design so you can focus on process optimization. 

Citizen Engineers

Great ideas aren't limited to your development team.  SpiceCSM low-code development platform means that even non-technical users can easily create powerful business processes.  Simply drag and drop the building blocks that drive different process functions, and double click to configure each node's unique properties and settings. 

Process Feedback

We understand that more frequent users of any process will know the process best.  That's why we built in a process-feedback option for end users to report suggested content updates.  This closed loop system ensures continuous process improvement starts on the front-lines.

Interactive Business Process and Low-Code Process Design

SpiceCSM business processes are as easy to build as they are intuitive to follow

Interactive Business Process

Business processes work better when they're easy to follow.  That's why our Workflow Engine uses interactive processes that keep the user on track and engaged. SpiceCSM provides guidance by using a robust logic engine to determine the next best actions.  This leads to increased efficiency, accuracy, and customer satisfaction. 

Low-Code Process Design

We know you need the right tools to run your business, so we made process design easy.  Using a visual, drag-and-drop, process design studio we make it simple for "citizen engineers" to build robust process.  See what you build as you build it so there's no guess work.  Don't let code be a road block to business process improvement.

Intelligent Business Process

Our Guided Processes are more than just your standard decision tree.  We take next best action a step further and allow you to easily build complex logic with no code.  Using data from the process or an integrated system, you can easily build dynamic processes that take the guess work out of workflow. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What types of data can you capture in the workflow?

SpiceCSM can capture data through all major HTML input fields, such as text fields, text areas, dropdowns, radio boxes, and more.  These are easily setup using our low-code visual Process Editor.

How does the Workflow Engine work?

SpiceCSM Workflow Engine takes the guesswork out of your business processes.  By providing an interactive, iterative series of steps for an end user to follow agents can focus on the task at had and providing excellent service to the customer.  We can dynamically drive the next-correct-step set using business logic that acts as guard rails for business processes.

What benefits does a Workflow Engine offer?

With SpiceCSM Workflow Engine end users will have access to intuitive business processes that are easy to follow, engaging, and that can connect seamlessly to other systems.  End users will see quality of life improvements from streamlined processes, and management will see the benefits of a consistent and efficient workforce.

Who typically builds workflow with SpiceCSM?

Workflow can be built by anyone who understands the process.  It does not require extensive technical or coding knowledge.  Typically we see managers, subject matter experts, and other "citizen engineers" who are close to the process maintaining workflow processes.

What do you mean by "low-code" or "no-code"?

The majority of the SpiceCSM platform, including the Workflow Engine, has been built to be low-code or no-code.  Most configuration is done through a combination of visual elements and fill-in-the-blank menus.  Users do not require extensive technical or coding knowledge to be able to create meaningful processes.  

Is there any revision or audit history available?

Yes, SpiceCSM Workflow Engine supports full revision and audit history for granular visibility into the changes made in the Process Editor.  Easily revert workflow back to a prior revision in seconds.

Building Business Transformations

Next to our employees, our biggest asset is our customers.
Here are just a few of the nice things that have been said about SpiceCSM:

"We can go from a new sales request to launching a product in 3 weeks, versus 60-90 days.  There's nothing that we can't customize with SpiceCSM"

Bill Wilder

CEO at Connect Force

"SpiceCSM's integration with Amazon Connect allows customers to create a Unified Customer Engagement Hub. By leveraging Amazon Connect, customer experience leaders can easily integrate their existing systems and incorporate AWS offerings..."

Pasquale DeMaio

General Manager at Amazon Connect

"Not only was training time reduced drastically, but our clients calls are being handled according to their expectations.  SpiceCSM is so much more than just another CRM and is a “must have” for any call center that hopes to be successful in this competitive industry"

Call Center Manager

Leading BPO Contact Center

“The uniqueness of SpiceCSM resides in its all encompassing ability to integrate seamlessly disparate applications and systems. Our close rate increased up to 69 percent, (and) we achieved our goals in half the time for less than 80 percent of the previous costs.”

Operations Manager

Leading ISP

“Competitive solutions often require a complete ‘rip and replace’when implementing a system change, and this requires considerable time and costs. However, this is not the case with SpiceCSM’s solutions. The platform generates great value, particularly in the IT department, where cost savings on professional services can be as much as 75 percent.”

Michael DeSalles

Principal Analyst at Frost & Sullivan

"Governments comprise over 70% of our client base and each client has very specific processes to follow. Spice makes it very easy to embed the approved scripts and create dynamic process paths based on specific customer attributes."
James Hansen

Assistant Director, Call Center/Manager, Data Analytics at Engaging Solutions, LLC

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