SpiceCSM & GoToMeeting

Manage all your GoToMeeting events directly from your CRM.  SpiceCSM's GoToMeeting integration allows processes to leverage the ability to join and create meetings as part of their guided workflow.  Users can also see and manage their existing meetings.  Everything happens directly through SpiceCSM and incorporates the enhanced functionality into our Unified User Interface. 

Partner Benefits

SpiceCSM customers will benefit from SpiceCSM through its ability to further enhance the customer experience in the following ways:

  • Low-Code Integration into CRM and Guided Processes
    • Easily incorporate GoToMeeting into SpiceCSM Guided Process using our low-code Visual Process Designer.  Drag and drop building blocks to create workflows and manage GoToMeeting events.  GoToMeeting can be easily added to existing SpiceCSM Guided Processes, and allows events to be associated with records or cases in the CRM.
  • Create a new GoToMeeting event directly from SpiceCSM guided processes. 
    • Designate certain processes to launch a new GoToMeeting event.  Auto-populate or allow end users to configure the event fields.  Event details can be shared directly through the process, or sent via email.
  • Review existing GoToMeeting events directly from SpiceCSM guided processes.
    • Display all existing events directly within SpiceCSM guided processes.  Use to determine scheduling availability or to review your existing event agenda.  Make the event listing available as needed in the process, or use as a separate view for end users to manage their events.
  • Manage existing GoToMeeting events directly from SpiceCSM guided processes.
    • Update or delete existing events directly within specified SpiceCSM guided processes.  Create processes around when and how events can be managed.  Restrict the ability to manage events to certain users, or to certain scenarios where it is applicable. 
  • Integrated directly into the UUI/CRM.
    • GoToMeeting functionality can be seamlessly extended into SpiceCSM UUI, eliminating the need to manage events from another application.  Events can be associated directly to records and/or to cases for additional tracking directly within the CRM.  That data could be used, for example, for enhanced compliance, or creating additional reports and analytics.  Reach maximum efficiency and quality by building workflows that utilize GoToMeeting with no coding required.

Customers wanting to expand their customer experience capabilities, while removing expensive and time-consuming technology hurdles, turn to SpiceCSM for its broad applicability in contact center environments and very quick return on investment.

Customers of SpiceCSM have realized tremendous value across many industries for use cases ranging from sales to healthcare benefits support, customer service, and business process outsourcing. Typical benefits seen include much lower handle times, higher employee retention, improved customer satisfaction, reduced training times, and higher quality in data capture and call documentation.

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