SpiceCSM and Zoom

SpiceCSM customers can enhance their business processes with Zoom Meetings, the secure and reliable video platform. As part of our guided scripting, meeting scheduling and accessibility is available directly in SpiceCSM's Customer Engagement Suite.

Automate Meeting Tasks

SpiceCSM Automations can be launched from processes; on a schedule, or when preconfigured
conditions in the CRM are met; to create, delete, schedule, and import data from meetings.

View Scheduled Meetings

Display an agent's Zoom Meetings in processes that require seeing a schedule. Or create a persistent schedule view. Either way, agents can manage their meetings directly from SpiceCSM.

Create Meetings

Schedule meetings directly within the CRM. Define certain processes that automatically create meetings, or enable agents to create ad-hoc meetings at the press of a button.

Delete Meetings

Allow agents to delete meetings and use SpiceCSM processes to create governing rules on when meetings can be deleted, or define next steps.

CRM Data

Meeting information can be logged in the CRM providing more data for analytics or to drive additional next-step workflows.

Update Meetings

Allow agents to update meetings from the CRM or certain processes. Put additional steps in place before or after changing meeting details.

Low-Code No-Code

Visual Script Designer.

SpiceCSM agent guided workflows are built inside our Process Editor, a low-code visual design studio.

The drag-and-drop interface enables process that automatically start/join meetings, allow agents to manage their Zoom Meetings, and more!

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