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Case Study: Monat Global

MONAT-Logo-375-355-blu-01SpiceCSM Direct Sales Hub:
Revitalizing the Customer Experience

Since 2014, Monat has been revitalizing the confidence in women around the world through innovative skin and hair care. Monat takes special pride in the natural compounds that their products are based on and they strive to help people everywhere feel beautiful and live healthy, fulfilling lives. Operating as an international business with consultants all over the world, Monat needed a robust support system that allows them to handle interactions, manage information, and provide solutions.

Improving Data Integrity and Establishing Efficient Workflows

Monat wanted to honor their commitment to prioritize the happiness and fulfillment of their customers by transforming their customer support system. Working closely with the team at SpiceCSM they implemented a revamped customer service tool that was able to be deployed within months. Using Spice CSM, Monat was able to oversee the implementation of a specialized platform for their call centers that would allow their agents to access multiple different platforms from one Unified User Interface (UUI) and document interactions effectively and efficiently.

Monat was able to leverage many key components of SpiceCSM for their digital transformation:

The Solution

Data Orchestration and Unified User Interface (UUI) 

Monat agents can utilize different systems and applications in order to support various customer inquiries. The type of request would dictate which information they needed to support the customer. Data would be manually assessed by the agent and corroborated between systems to resolve requests. The SpiceCSM UUI provides a front-end for everything that happens in the background of the platform. SpiceCSM data orchestration makes it possible to connect to and orchestrate various external data sources, but the UUI ensures that users are getting the right data at the right time. It also makes the job of the agent significantly quicker by allowing them to access data from multiple different systems in one place. This was a key area to focus on reducing average handle time (AHT). Leveraging disparate data in the SpiceCSM Unified User Interface would not only increases data integrity, accuracy, and security; but also make the job of an agent more efficient. By orchestrating the data between those systems the agent is able to focus on providing the best customer experience.

Business Process/Workflow Engine

SpiceCSM was able to provide best practice guidance for the business processes that Monat agents work through when handling a call to help turn them into more manageable, structured workflow within the software. Every step of the call process and any variations that could occur were defined and implemented to ensure that data was captured consistently. Agents are guided through customer interactions; collecting data and handling processes of all level of complexity; using intuitive and dynamic workflow. This ensures customers receive the best possible experience, following any specified protocols, in a predictable manner. We were also able to automate various tasks including case assignments and various reporting functions. Using the SpiceCSM low-code Process Designer, Monat administrators can also quickly and easily make changes to workflow to adapt to changes in business, making SpiceCSM a truly future-proof solution for Monat.

CRM/Case Management

With SpiceCSM, Monat is able to track customers and interactions with more flexibility and transparency between internal groups. Information is specialized for each group, however interactions from one department may require input from other group. The case management component of SpiceCSM was configured to allow cases to be automatically created for multiple departments to contribute to resolving those requests. However, each group would only see the information pertaining to their individual function. This allows different functional groups to work together, in a controlled environment, to best serve the customer. Custom reports were created to track specific components of their Customer Service to allow them to monitor and continue making improvements.

Business Benefits

Following the implementation of SpiceCSM, Monat has seen the number of requests handled in a day increased. The SpiceCSM platform made call resolution and effectively helping customers easier and more intuitive. The custom reports Spice created help monitor and manage case activity as well as ensure requests are resolved in a timely manner. In addition, the implementation of the Spice platform has increased transparency and communication across the company. The connection between various departments allows them to provide the best and most efficient customer experience. The SpiceCSM solution has also made training and onboarding new employees easier because due to the workflow and data orchestration capabilities. Overall, Monat’s implementation of SpiceCSM has increased the efficiency of their call center and improved their ability to provide exceptional service to their valued customers.

About SpiceCSM

SpiceCSM: is the leading platform for creating a digital ecosystem that connects disparate systems, people, and processes, and orchestrates interactions to greatly enhance the user experience and better leverage existing infrastructure. Combining a powerful integration platform, robust business rules and workflow engine, intelligent automation, and a unified interface with dashboard and analytics, SpiceCSM allows organizations unparalleled capabilities to innovate and transform their business operations without expensive, time consuming rip and replace initiatives.

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