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SpiceCSM Introduces Development Modules Aimed at Power Users

SpiceCSM, the leading platform for enabling the Customer Engagement Hub, introduces three new SpiceCSM Developer Modules aimed at giving developers more flexibility to build robust, intelligent, and integrated business processes.

These three new Developer Modules, which are available immediately to SpiceCSM customers, are the: Abstract Builder, Database Builder, and Report Builder modules.  The Abstract Builder gives developers an integrated development environment (IDE) to write and host custom programming code directly from SpiceCSM.  The Database Builder provides an interface to create and manage custom database tables, as well as expand the default data sets in the core system tables.  The Report Builder provides the necessary tools to display data from SpiceCSM in any specified format.   The Abstract and Database Builder modules were designed to provide unlimited extensibility to SpiceCSM’s Unified Customer Engagement Hub, while the Report Builder allows for full control of the data for analytics.

SpiceCSM Developer Modules provide SpiceCSM power users with additional tools to help make custom processes and perform specialized data manipulation.  Developers can manage code that is leveraged by the process workflows, create custom database tables that enhance content creation capabilities, and have unlimited control over how data is structured for custom reports.  The Developer Modules are available to all SpiceCSM customers today.  To learn more about SpiceCSM Developer Modules, contact us today at 866.331.1276



SpiceCSM is the leading platform for creating a digital ecosystem that connects disparate systems, people, and processes, and orchestrates interactions to greatly enhance the user experience and better leverage existing infrastructure.  Combining a powerful integration platform, robust business rules and work-flow engines, intelligent robotic process automation, and a unified interface with dashboard and analytics, SpiceCSM allows organizations unparalleled capabilities to innovate and transform their business operations without expensive, time consuming rip and replace initiatives. To learn more about SpiceCSM, visit

Chris Giardina
Chris Giardina
Contact center professional with over 10 years of experience in various roles from Agent to Director and everything in between.

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