Automate Your Business Processes
Easily enable Adaptive Process Automations that can span virtually any application or data source.
Adaptive logic applies conditions to data to determine the next best step in the process.

Automation Suite

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Create fully automated processes using a low-to-no code, visual, drag-and-drop design interface.
Automation Suite Features
  • Low-Code Visual Process Editor (Automated)
  • Automated Business Rules Engine
  • Abstract Builder (Hosted IDE)
  • Database Builder
  • Process driven API calls
  • Administration Console
  • Report Builder design module
Here are some all-stars we've worked with over the years:
  • NICE_inContact_stacked
  • Healthspire
  • Hughes Net
  • Path Forward
  • Connect Force
  • Hyosung TNS

Frequently Asked Questions

Is pricing billed annually, quarterly, or monthly?

Pricing is typically billed monthly however larger commitments are available.

How easy is it to integrate with Amazon Connect?

Simple! Utilize the SpiceCSM Amazon Connect Quick Start to deploy a pre-built AWS Lambda function that can automatically feed data to Amazon Connect for verbal communication to an end caller, thus enabling a virtual agent experience.

What is the Administration Console?

The Administration Console provides an interface to manage all aspects of the SpiceCSM platform including user permissions, platform connections and utilization.

What is the VIsual Process Editor?

Our visual process designer makes it simple for anyone to start building intelligent, automated, and integrated decision trees that can apply robust logic to drive next best actions using data stored in the CRM or within other systems integrated with the SpiceCSM platform. Automatically update data, trigger emails, make API calls, run scripts and native JavaScript, and invoke many other actions.

What is the Database Builder?

The SpiceCSM Database Module allows users to manage all integrated data with the ability to create and customize data structures for maximum flexibility. The interface allows for creation and management of custom tables in the included MySQL database and expanding the system tables, with a data upload tool and query browser.

What is the Abstract Builder Module?

The SpiceCSM Abstract Builder Module is hosted on your instance, and provides a development environment that allows creation, management, and hosting of custom code and scripts, giving you limitless customization capabilities. Create integrations and other programs to carry out virtually any function you need. This unique architecture provides any custom code to be used without impacting the core source code of the SpiceCSM platform.

What is the Business Rules Engine

The SpiceCSM Business Rules Engine unlocks powerful automation capabilities that allow you to trigger numerous actions and data updates based on a scheduled basis.

Building Relationships

Our biggest asset is our relationships and the great people and companies that we work with!
Here is what some of the people we have had the pleasure to work with have to say about SpiceCSM:

"We can go from a new sales request to launching a product in 3 weeks, versus 60-90 days.  There's nothing that we can't customize with SpiceCSM"

Bill Wilder

CEO at Connect Force

"SpiceCSM's integration with Amazon Connect allows customers to create a Unified Customer Engagement Hub. By leveraging Amazon Connect, customer experience leaders can easily integrate their existing systems and incorporate AWS offerings..."

Pasquale DeMaio

General Manager at Amazon Connect

"Not only was training time reduced drastically, but our clients calls are being handled according to their expectations.  SpiceCSM is so much more than just another CRM and is a “must have” for any call center that hopes to be successful in this competitive industry"

Call Center Manager

Leading BPO Contact Center

“The uniqueness of SpiceCSM resides in its all encompassing ability to integrate seamlessly disparate applications and systems. Our close rate increased up to 69 percent, (and) we achieved our goals in half the time for less than 80 percent of the previous costs.”

Operations Manager

Leading ISP

“Competitive solutions often require a complete ‘rip and replace’when implementing a system change, and this requires considerable time and costs. However, this is not the case with SpiceCSM’s solutions. The platform generates great value, particularly in the IT department, where cost savings on professional services can be as much as 75 percent.”

Michael DeSalles

Principal Analyst at Frost & Sullivan

"Governments comprise over 70% of our client base and each client has very specific processes to follow. Spice makes it very easy to embed the approved scripts and create dynamic process paths based on specific customer attributes."
James Hansen

Assistant Director, Call Center/Manager, Data Analytics at Engaging Solutions, LLC