Public University

Public University operating for over 100 years uses SpiceCSM to support their student population and assist in processing student applications. Our platform allows them to utilize a single interface to interact with what had previously been many sources of data to perform those support functions.

The Platform for Data

A longstanding Public University selected SpiceCSM to provide an All-In-One CRM to support existing students and assist in the application process for new students. SpiceCSM was chosen to help with some of the inefficiencies they were seeing as they had a tracking system that was becoming very antiquated and difficult to expand. SpiceCSM's unique approach allows them to replace the inefficient parts of the system while maintaining the other parts that were working successfully.  They continued to use the existing data sources to pull into SpiceCSM, and also use NICE inContact and our Embedded Agent for telephony services. We have also integrated Microsoft Outlook email boxes for each agent directly into SpiceCSM allowing them to easily create cases from emails and manage their inbox from within the single unified interface.

Integrated Solutions

A SpiceCSM Unified User Interface (UUI) leveraging:

  1. Proprietary Database: Leveraging the existing system of records; no rip and replace needed.
  2. NICE inContact: Inbound and outbound telephony built directly into the SpiceCSM platform.
  3. Microsoft Outlook: Inboxes available directly within the CRM for advanced email to case processing.

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