America's Pharmacy Source

America's Pharmacy Source is an online retail pharmacy that uses SpiceCSM to provide outstanding support of their mail-order pharmacy support and vision of "The Future of Pharmacy Today".

The Platform for Customer Experience

America's Pharmacy Source uses SpiceCSM, specifically the CRM and Integration capabilities, to help support consumers on their online retail pharmacy.  SpiceCSM's future-proof platform was a perfect match for America's Pharmacy Source and their vision of providing "The Future of Pharmacy Today".   Leveraging integrations with NICE inContact and their outbound dialing technology, CRM data from SpiceCSM drives proactive interactions with their consumers.  Agents follow client defined Guided Processes that walk them through each type of interaction making each conversation more efficient and allowing the agents to focus on the consumer rather than the process.  Every interaction is tracked for follow up customer service as well as for quality assurance, and questions from customers are handled accurately and efficiently.

Integrated Solutions

A SpiceCSM Unified User Interface (UUI) leveraging:

  1. ePostRx: Pharmacy tool that manages prescription details and automates prescription-fulfillment.
  2. Elavon: Award-winning payment processing platform to handle merchant services.
  3. Five9: Leading cloud contact center platform performs record searches for inbound callers. 
  4. Lights Out: Workforce Optimization is triggered to remove sensitive information for compliance purposes.

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