SpiceCSM & GoToConnect

Supercharge your team's existing GoToConnect phone system with the extensibility of SpiceCSM's CRM, Business Process, and Integration platform.  Our GoToConnect integration allows SpiceCSM to synchronize with the GoToConnect agent interface to leverage the additional functionality in the CRM/Unified User Interface.  The integration enables users to push call information into the CRM, map calls to the appropriate CRM campaign, search records, and automatically create cases.

Partner Benefits

SpiceCSM customers will benefit from SpiceCSM through its ability to further enhance the customer experience in the following ways:

  • Supercharged Telephony with SpiceCSM All-In-One CRM
    • Utilize SpiceCSM integration, process workflow, and automation capabilities in our Unified User Interface.  Orchestrate data, give agents guidance for handling different issues, and track interactions in our record and case management system.  Use SpiceCSM Conditional Business Rules to allow your data to be more proactive.  Extend your phone system with a truly transformational All-In-One CRM.
  • Connectivity/Synchronization
    • Synchronize the GoToConnect agent with SpiceCSM's CRM, allowing the CRM to respond to telephony events.  Enables GoToConnect to be used in conjunction with other SpiceCSM functions, including calling external integrations or running specific workflows for different types of calls.
  • Pass Call Data through CRM
    • Automatically identify which campaign the inbound/outbound call is associated with.  Provide dynamic workflows/guided process for certain campaigns or when call data meets a specified set of conditions. 
  • Enable CRM Lookup
    • Automatically query a contact database from within SpiceCSM or externally, for records that match the inbound/outbound phone number.  Optionally load the associated account details, and start a new case to log the interaction. 
  • Enable SpiceCSM Screen Pops
    • Provide agents/end users with dynamic 'screen pop' window that presents instant information related to the person calling/being called or the campaign associated with the phone number.  Customize the screen pop window to display call greetings (inbound or outbound), and present other important information to the agent/end user the moment the call is answered.

Customers wanting to expand their customer experience capabilities, while removing expensive and time-consuming technology hurdles, turn to SpiceCSM for its broad applicability in contact center environments and very quick return on investment.

Customers of SpiceCSM have realized tremendous value across many industries for use cases ranging from sales to healthcare benefits support, customer service, and business process outsourcing. Typical benefits seen include much lower handle times, higher employee retention, improved customer satisfaction, reduced training times, and higher quality in data capture and call documentation.


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