The Cure For the Common CRM

Easily Connect Data, Build Interactive Processes, and Create Automations

How Our Clients Are Using SpiceCSM:

America's Pharmacy Source

America's Pharmacy Source provides online retail pharmacy services to consumers using SpiceCSM to provide outstanding support of their mail-order pharmacy support and vision of "The Future of Pharmacy Today". 

Accredited Public University

Accredited Public University operating for over 100 years selects SpiceCSM to support their student population and assist in processing student applications.  Our platform allows them to utilize a single interface to interact with what had previously been many sources of data to perform those support functions.

National Health Care Insurance Provider

Leading National Health Care insurance provider chooses SpiceCSM to manage and contact eligible consumers as well as expand the types of services provided to existing members.   They trust SpiceCSM to provide accurate and exceptional service to their members.

Leading Dental Health Care Provider

Leading Dental Health Care Provider increases efficiency by automating critical patient outreach profiles and providing a complete solution for managing patient interactions.

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