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Benefit Story: Data & Application Connector

Considering the importance of customer engagement and valuable goodwill, contact centers appreciate the importance of robust tools that assist agents in performing their tasks. Customer relations management and various helpdesk software solutions enable personnel to provide high quality service, but maintaining multiple applications creates a new set of challenges. Disparate systems result in severe disconnect between and among the applications which results in inaccurate vital customer data.

  • 3 min read
  • 6/17/15 9:00 AM

Solving the problem: Data must still be updated and stored in different applications

Proper customer experience management is one of the highest goals of a contact center, as the relationship with its customers is inherently valuable to a company. Achieving this objective requires call center leaders and agents to provide an engaging, helpful experience, whether by answering questions or solving customer problems. A rewarding encounter results in business goodwill and can generate new sales. Of course, companies must also be keep tabs on costs and productivity in the contact center. Managers must ensure agents perform satisfactorily and that new employees have proper training. Technology, such as helpdesk software and call center scripts, is there to assist agents with the various tasks they must perform during a call. However, new problems arise with the disparate tools and applications: Many contact centers use up to 15 different solutions, each of which must be updated to reflect new data.

  • 3 min read
  • 6/3/15 12:35 PM

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