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SpiceCSM Announces Next Generation Process Editor for Improved Contact Center Performance

To support its continued effort to help contact centers improve performance and increase customer engagement, SpiceCSM is pleased to announce the release of its next generation process editor. The drag and drop graphical editor allows user to easily connect data points and applications within streamlined processes.

SpiceCSM is on a mission to become the premier platform for forward thinking Customer Experience professionals. Its goal is to enable contact centers to improve performance while enhancing agent and customer experience. SpiceCSM simplifies the agent desktop and backoffice operations by allowing contact centers to build streamlined processes and workflows that include accessing data and applications from multiple systems which are typically disconnected and often not very user friendly. Today, SpiceCSM announces another huge leap forward with its next generator process editor.

According to Mike Ryan, CEO: “Our Process Editor is a core component of the SpiceCSM Customer Engagement platform. The Editor allows organizations to customize their process work flows through real-time integration and application of logic patterns. The light weight thin client Editor is entirely web native, allowing for quick and easy creation and updates from virtually anywhere at anytime. With it's "flow chart" like interface, the Editor allows customers the ability to visualize the overall process and quickly define, create, or update processes in real time to maximize agent productivity, responsiveness, and adjust for changing business needs."

With the latest version of the Process Editor, the interface gives a modern and more user friendly look while maintaining the flow chart like feel. Even more important than the interface update, are the feature and functionality improvements that come with this next generation version. The node pallet has been expanded to include additional action nodes as well as defined integration touch points for such items as telephony and merchant vendor integrations. Continued evolution and expansion of the node library will allow even more advanced functionality to be implemented with minimal technical or time requirements. In addition, the creation of a process has been further enhanced with the ability to drag and drop nodes from a visual pallet and even a "quick build" option so that process architects and customer engagement professionals can quickly generate the process framework.

Enhancements to the individual nodes have also been included. Organizations may now create customized "forms" in a single node to collect valuable data points for use in a myriad of ways. Adding additional text, images, etc. are as simple as a button click and drag and drop ordering of the display items ensures customers can quickly and easily customize the process to fit their exact needs. In addition, the ability to "see" what the agents will be presented with during the build process eliminates the concerns of "what are my agents seeing".

About SpiceCSM:
SpiceCSM, cloud-based, Customer Engagement Platform helps agents deliver first-class customer experiences across every channel through one unified agent desktop. We combine a Dynamic Call Handling Engine, a Data Integration Platform, and Robust Collaborative Reporting to continuously improve your Contact Center and Customer Satisfaction.


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