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SpiceCSM Listed in The Gartner CRM Vendor Guide 2015

SpiceCSM is pleased to announce that its contact center cloud software platform has been showcased in the annual vendor guide published by Gartner Group Inc., in the category of leading Customer Engagement Center (CEC) Suite Providers.

Gartner Inc., in its annual vendor guide, recognizes SpiceCSM in the category of Customer Engagement Center (CEC) Suite providers.

The vendor guide intends to guide businesses in evaluating the plethora of solutions available for Customer Relations Management (CRM), Customer Solutions Services (CSS) and other technologies pertinent to the Customer Engagement Center. In order to be considered among the CEC, Gartner’s analysts points out nine criteria which must be met:

  1. CSS problem and case management capabilities, which typically include service ticketing, a CRM platform and activity tracking.
  2. Knowledge management tools and advanced content search.
  3. Integration with desktop, telephony, co-browsing and mobile devices.
  4. Extension of web and mobile solution channels to social media and online communities for peer-to-peer collaboration management.
  5. Real-time analytics for decision support, including routing, workflow, sales and escalation.
  6. Additional metrics which measure social network engagement, reputation, interaction with posts, text, voice and images, and surveys.
  7. Business process and workflow management.
  8. Connectivity with remote sensors embedded in consumer electronics equipment.
  9. Content management tools to enhance customer communication.

The SpiceCSM Solution Suite meets these nine criteria and includes a dynamic call handling engine, data integration, analytics and performance reports. To further enhance the customer experience, SpiceCSM Suite delivers all these capabilities through a single, unified agent desktop.

Additionally, SpiceCSM stands out from the others by providing an Integration Platform as a service (iPaas). According to Mike Ryan, CEO at SpiceCSM, “I truly am excited about our inclusion in the vendor guide and thank all the Gartner analysts for their advice and council as we grow our business. I am particularly excited after attending the recent Gartner Customer Strategies & Technologies Summit in London, U.K, and hearing several presenters discuss the rapidly accelerating need for “connective tissue”. SpiceCSM provides the connective tissue to integrate and automate customer processes allowing clients to create their own unique Customer Engagement Hub. Simply put we are seeing a complete validation of our vision.”

One satisfied customer - one of the largest internet solutions providers - affirms, “The uniqueness of SpiceCSM resides in its all encompassing ability to integrate seamlessly disparate applications and systems. Our close rate increased up to 69 percent, we achieved our goals in half the time for less than 80 percent of the previous costs.”

According to Gartner analysts, “technologies that drive growth and elevate the customer experience top the list of CEO’s investment priorities” for 2015. Ryan further states, “Our vision is bearing fruits and we are very proud and excited to be among the most recognized Customer Engagement Center Suites. Our passion and innovation led us this far and we will continue to move forward leveraging the disruptive capability of our integration platform.” Platforms like the SpiceCSM platform that allow customers to ensure brand messaging and generate goodwill through customer service channels will be in the spotlight as enterprise leadership turns to technology to ensure a long term competitive advantage.

About SpiceCSM: As the leading provider of iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) with Guided Process and Integration technology, SpiceCSM has revolutionized the customer service process. The company has developed an advanced Customer Engagement Suite Platform with connective tissue, intended to shift knowledge base and problem resolution from subject matter experts to the call center agents. SpiceCSM solutions are modular and open API, enabling agents to deliver a top quality customer experience across every channel, through one unified desktop.

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