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Contact Center Complexity is the Enemy of Customer Experience

32788945_mWise contact center leaders know the importance of customer engagement, which generates vital goodwill and drives sales. As such, it’s essential that agents have access to all the tools they need to perform at the highest levels when dealing with customers. Companies invest in knowledge management, helpdesk solutions, call routing and other technology to streamline processes and enhance the customer encounter.

New problems arise when businesses maintain multiple unique solutions.  Even though all systems are needed, they are usually disconnected.  This disconnection means agents must master complex workflow processes across multi-function tools and applications.  But creating the necessary decision trees for each platform can be complicated, time consuming to develop and/or costly when IT professionals must be retained.

A guided process builder enables call centers to establish and customize workflow tools. A guided process builder solution provides the contact center leadership and agents with a user friendly, intuitive visual interface to develop intelligent decision trees. Embedded content ensures that personnel have access to the subject matter expertise they need to respond to customer concerns quickly and precisely.

Guided process builder solutions empower organizations with tools to automate common tasks and processes within a single platform (no need to reap-and replace what you have). Workflow and call scripts reside and interact within the interface that’s immediately in front of agents, rather than forcing them to turn away to locate necessary details.

To streamline knowledge management, guided process workflows and automation tools organize subject matter expertise. Newly trained agents can respond to complex customer interactions just as well as more seasoned agents.  Additionally, a guided process builder offers an array of other advantages:

  • Functionality to create complex, logical workflow processes quickly or even on the fly. 
  • Many solutions are offered via platform as-a-service, which can be implemented quickly, without strain on existing IT resources. PaaS technology is also easy to upgrade or troubleshoot remotely. 
  • Integration with multiple contact center’s third party applications is typically seamless and involves minimal development resources. 
  • Reducing training time for agents: the numerous and complex workflows are no longer needed. The logical decision trees developed through a guided process builder technology gets new hires up and running quickly, thus reducing training programs.  
  • Standardized approach to the customer experience through guided workflow processes ensures consistent communication and branding.   
  • Improved First Call Resolution 
  • Cross-selling and up-selling opportunities are also offered via the guided workflow process and quickly accessible to the agents. 

Considering the multitude of call center applications and tools that agents must access during a typical customer encounter, it’s wise to choose strategies that standardize their access and workflows. A custom builder applications - or Guided Process Builder - that incorporate logical decision trees with embedded content result in intelligent and guided processes, ultimately assuring that agents give prompt and precise information to the customer. 

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