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Cross Application Integrations

In a perfect world it makes complete and logical sense that a billing, provisioning, and scheduling system all work and communicate together as each one holds data (and/or triggers events) that is used by the other. Unfortunately, it is also vary common that these systems remain as individual silo's of information within the same organization, requiring multiple manual interactions to transfer information from one system to another. Through the use of SpiceCSM and it's Cross Application Integrations with each system, you can remove much of the manual activity and allow each external application to "communicate" with each other.

As an example, customer John Doe calls into your center and wants to sign up for service. Historically the process would require the agent to collect billing information in one system, manually access and transfer information to a provisioning system, and finally manually access and transfer information to a scheduling system to set up an installation time. Or worse, the agent would not have security access to perform all the tasks and would have to hand off completing the process to one or more groups in the organization. This type of process can lead to manual mistakes and delays in the completion of the process, all costing more to sign up the customer.

With the SpiceCSM Cross Application Integrations, the agent could perform all these tasks in real time. The agent begins by collecting the billing information which could be verified and even processed real time. As the billing information is now confirmed valid the required data needed to provision the customer is sent to the provisioning system. With confirmation from the provisioning system, the agent is provided with available openings to schedule an installation. All three systems "communicated" together through SpiceCSM allowing the agent to complete the entire process in only a matter of minutes and confirming with the customer in real time, making for a really happy customer.

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