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File Storage Service to Support SpiceCSM Scripting

SpiceCSM will provide a secure file storage service and the bandwidth needed to support delivering content to populate and supplement your SpiceCSM scripts and knowledge base. 

Storage can support:

  • Image files (JPG, PNG, GIF etc.) for inclusion in process content
  • PDF files for download or email attachments
  • Files for inclusion and/or attachment for e-mail content
  • Recording storage (.wav files for telephony integrated customers)

Key Features & Benefits

ITIL® v3-based processes and a set of advanced tools that ensure a highly available and secure environment

  • Delivered as a service
  • No need to purchase hardware/software
  • Secure access for your users
  • Incident management
  • Change management
  • Configuration management
  • Continual Service Improvement (CSI)

Service Levels and Pricing

  • Up to 100 MB of file storage per month
  • Up to 1 Mbps of bandwidth per month (measured at the 95th percentile)
  • $495 per Quarter (invoice quarterly, in advance)
  • $495 One-Time Set-up Fee
  • Optional Services (for additional fees)
  • Full and incremental backups to tape with secure, off-site storage
  • Additional units of storage and bandwidth for short term overages
    • Up to 10 MB of storage and 1/10th of BW for $60 per unit per month
    • Recurring overage units may be combined with Base service at the lower rate
    • Thought Leadership & Consulting for storage architecture
    • Geographically-Dispersed Redundancy for Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery

Geographically-removed to Minimize Risk

By partnering with TridentITSM, (a Fused Solutions Brand) we will deliver a secure partition in a shared stack cloud environment for your confidential workflow/process content. Content will delivered to your SpiceCSM instance over a secure VPN between our Potsdam data center and the TridentITSM data center in Massachusetts.

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The Citizen Architect Persona

We built our platform to be put into the hands of a “Citizen Architect”, someone you probably already have in your organization.  The persona of a Citizen Architect is going to be someone with an understanding of how processes work and the intricacies of the specific operating procedures.  These resources do not need to be overly technical, however any grasp of HTML or Programming can certainly help relate some of the general concepts and best practices we recommend when using SpiceCSM.  Many of our clients exclusively use non-technical resources to manage all their business process and content management while allowing technical resources to focus on the connections that push and pull data between those processes.

Trending: Phased Deployments

At SpiceCSM we have noticed a growing trend in deployment methodologies used when implementing a client's solution. When working with clients who have many overarching project goals or other unique complexities involved, we have seen many of them turn to a phased “crawl, walk, run” approach to maximize their returns and make the deployment work more seamlessly.  The concept applied here simply means that by offering an incremental approach to deploying a project or use case we try to avoid being so far sighted that it prevents progress towards a more immediately usable solution.  Instead, by focusing on and solving “micro-projects”, the synergy of those projects being completed in a more timely manner can have as big if not a bigger impact on the organization than one large project done in the same amount of time.  

The Customer Engagement Hub Comes of Age

“By 2020, 60% of large organizations will try to design a customer engagement hub, yet only half of them will select the correct technologies to make it work.”

  • 2 min read
  • 10/1/17 10:54 PM