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inContact User Conference 2011

SpiceCSM is proud to be a bronze level sponsor of the 2011 inContact User Conference. While we are attending this action packed event our CEO, Michael Ryan will be on the agenda to deliver a stunning presentation about “service level differentiation”. This will be done in coordination with two other speakers from other companies.

inContact states, “The proliferation of interaction channels today means that customers have an ever increasing variety of choices for how they can obtain customer service. Companies that don’t have a strategy in place to optimize their mix of self-service and agent-based support risk alienating valuable customers and destroying customer value. And companies that recognize the unique attributes that each customer carries and differentiate service to customers based on those attributes have an important competitive advantage.”

We are looking forward to showing how successful we are at delivering the best strategy while using a best practice approach. We are constantly looking at ways to increase customer satisfaction while looking at service automation and differentiation. For more information on self service, guided agent service and differentiation, click here.

We look forward to updating you on the full module as it unfolds please visit again.

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