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Self Service or Self Hurt Us?

I recently read an article for Searchcrm.com titled “Self-service success rates plummeting, but why?” The article showed how the rates have fallen over the past years. (See graph below) The fact is that it can be more painful then helpful. Self service is meant to help you solve your own issue.

Self_ServiceMy question is if you don’t know what is wrong how do you know what to fix? It is easier than to search through oodles of articles reading them and ending up twice as confused. How many times have you just wanted a simple quick answer in a very short period of time? I know I do… in fact every time I need an answer I want it immediately. I absolutely dread calling support to wait on hold and then speak with someone who knows less than I do, about the problem.

Here is a solution, “guide” your customers through the process easily. Ask questions that are meant to help them. With the answers you can then begin to narrow down the possible solutions by eliminating options that are not correct based on proven troubleshooting steps and best practices. Every selection will get you closer and closer to the correct answer, the guided process acts as a navigation system to get you to the right place each time. The best part is if you do get to the point of needing assistance you can escalate from the same page. When you choose this option it can be email, phone or chat then the agent on the other end will simply began where you left off. No wasted time. Now you tell me painful? I think not.

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