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SpiceCSM and ClearView Unveil First-of-its-Kind Three-way Integration with inContact

Las Vegas, NV October 8, 2013


Some of the loudest buzz emanating from inContact’s 2013 ICUC Conference is the news that ClearView and SpiceCSM have completed an attention-grabbing three-way integration with inContact and with each other.

At this year’s ICUC event, the “can’t miss” contact center event of the year, inContact announced inView Powered by ClearView. Additionally Clearview and SpiceCSM jointly announced the recent integration of ClearView’s revolutionary performance optimization solution engineered by call centers for call centers with SpiceCSM’s cloud-based CRM tool and its innovative guided process workflow engine. Now SpiceCSM integrates with both inContact and ClearView, which extends data sets to enhance ClearView reporting/dashboards, marries telephony data with support/sales data, and adjusts process and call routing in real time.


The result is a one-of-a-kind tool and service that takes information collected in SpiceCSM and provides cloud performance dashboards that deliver real-time data and business intelligence for all levels of call center operations and adds inContact’s real time queue management, priority management, skill changes, send to agent and click-to-call protocols, as well as tying case data to contact data, and adding screen pops for brand/campaign auto selection.


Paul Liljenquist, President of Clearview, (www.clearviewlive.com) notes, “What better place to make this announcement than ICUC, where the contact center community comes together to share best practices, plan for future growth and get the latest industry news and information.” Liljenquist adds, “The benefits to both company’s current clients and prospects are numerous, but at the top of the list are: real-time performance dashboards, data aggregation and business intelligence applications, and executive, supervisor, and agent-level visibility.


Michael Ryan, CEO of SpiceCSM (www.spicecsm.com) is sharing this message with his peers at the ICUC Conference, "I am really excited about this integration. It is another validation of SpiceCSM's platform vision and ease of integration." Mike is, “looking forward to working with the ClearView team and their customers as we provide them with the hottest guided processes and client insight with immediate and actionable dashboards to fully optimize sales and support."

About SpiceCSM:

Potsdam, NY-based SpiceCSM is the leading provider of Guided Service Technology delivered as a Cloud based Platform as a Service (PaaS), revolutionizing sales and service scripting and business process delivery. SpiceCSM is about creating a factor-ten effect on how you service your customers and lower the cost of service delivery whether it be sales, direct response or technical support. Spice integrates and extends the reach of the contact center deep into back office systems, disparate service delivery and provisioning systems and out into the increasingly social world. The SpiceCSM Guided Service application is an incremental solution that shifts the ability to resolve problems from the highly trained or subject matter experts to the customer and to rapidly on-boarded sales and service agents with minimal knowledge and expertise.




About ClearView

ClearView is a product of Roy Utah-based Focus Services. ClearView drives successful execution, by aggregating performance data from disparate systems, and acting on the data with proven business improvement processes. By delivering real-time performance dashboards from the executive level down to the agent level, ClearView increases accountability and creates a culture of continuous development essential to reaching business objectives. ClearView offers a suite of management tools developed to meet the specific needs of front line sales and service activities. By providing real-time visibility into agent level activities, ClearView drives greater executive visibility and impact, enhances supervisor effectiveness and efficiency, and increases front line agent productivity and proficiency.

Contact: Jordan Linford, Director of Business Development, Jordan.linford@clearviewlive.com, 385-221-8601


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