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SpiceCSM CTO Wins InContact Coder Royale Award

September 15, 2011
SpiceCSM’s CTO Wins inContact Coder Royale Award

Salt Lake City Utah- Pete Blackmer current Chief Technology Officer wins an award for outstanding API use. Partner, inContact announced its “2011 inContact Coder Royale” winner at their annual user conference this last week. Pete competed against several submissions to this contest many of which were outstanding.
Coder Royale Award
Winning Ideas:

Click to Call: Using the API this functionality allows the agents to call a customer using the phone number field which will actually push a call out of the inContact agent.

Real Time Queue Management: Give your Supervisors and Management the ability to change skill, priority and agent from within the SpiceCSM application using the data pulled from within inContact in real time.

Event Injection: Using our callback functionality, when the customer is scheduled to be reached again SpiceCSM will push the event into inContact’s call queue, for the next available agent.

Spice Analytics: Case and call data all in one.

"We are all very proud of Pete." CEO, Mike Ryan stated. “I am really excited about the relationship that we have forged with inContact. Collectively, we are providing the most flexible and useful call center, guided process and agent optimization solution available in the cloud today. Most of all, I am proud of Pete for his innovation and creativity in solving real world call center problems. We are looking forward to attending next year’s conference to bring new and even more exciting integrations."

Seen to the left is Pete accepting the award from Tim Harris, Director, inCloud Solutions inContact.

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