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We Are Proud to Announce the Release of SpiceCSM v8.0!

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This release of SpiceCSM combines core code base updates and new features in a sleek modern look that improves performance and productivity. Current users will find the interface familiar and friendly while enjoying the benefits of all new features.

New Modules!

Updates to existing modules and all new modules give users even greater capabilities. With the addition of such features as personal dashboards to monitor key metrics, user activity is streamlined and fluent.

  • Support Agent (formerly Help Desk)
  • Support Supervisor (NEW)
  • Sales Agent (NEW)
  • Sales Supervisor (NEW)

New Features!

SpiceCSM v8.0 has many new features designed to streamline common tasks and improve user productivity and performance.


In SpiceCSM v8.0 the previous Home and Brand Details tabs have been replaced with the Dashboard and Start tabs.



The Dashboard tab gives immediate access to dynamic statistics based on the user’s access level and gives the user real-time agent and contact metrics in one tab. The supervisor Dashboard gives increased visibility into agent and contact metrics. Overall statistics can be viewed as well as broken down by Tier level. Scheduled events and review cases are also displayed in the dashboard tab.



Scheduled Events

Scheduled EventsNew interactive mini displays allow users to interact with the event to review and perform common tasks quickly and easily.

Documenting “No Answers” and “Left Message” are as simple as a button click, and you can even reschedule events at the same time.







Review Listing

Review Listing

Interactive mini display allows Supervisors to quickly review the case and perform streamlined tasks for escalating a case or sending it back to the agent population for further interaction.






The start tab melds brand/campaign information and account searching into one tab. No more clicking between tabs during account lookups.






Account Searches

The account search functionality has been streamlined so that users can easily perform advanced searches or add new accounts, all from the Start tab. Search results have also been revamped and organized for better visibility.

Account searches

Brand/Campaign List

Brand campaign list

Brand/Campaign data details are now immediately available upon selection. Access to full details is a button click away.









The account screen now displays account contacts in separate tabs for easier access and visibility. Some additional functionality that has been revamped are case lockout, scheduled event completion, and new case window.



Case Lockout

When a case is being worked, the account tab in which the case is open cannot be closed until proper action is taken and the case is wrapped up.

Scheduled Event Completion

Schedules Event CompleteionScheduled event completion is now confirmed at the end of the guided process so that if the event is not completed for whatever reason it can simply be left attached to the case.





New Case

New CaseThe new case window has also been streamlined as the Journal, Knowledgebase, and Email functions have moved directly into the guided process window.






Guided Process

In SpiceCSM v8.0 the guided process section has been streamlined to provide quick and easy access to all case functions. These functions are now shown as tabs along the top of the guided process and can be accessed at any time during the guided process. Journal entries can now have canned responses for working cases via email. In addition, the journal entry now displays any entered journal notes below for the user’s reference.

Guided Process



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