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Why SpiceCSM?

Spice wheelSpiceCSM believes in exceptional experiences and customer satisfaction in all interactions. Our platform was created with one goal in mind; to create an experience that will wow customers, and excite agents. By providing a flexible, interactive, and intuitive platform, companies can transform their customers’ interactions into winning experiences. Great customer engagements empower growth through customer and employee satisfaction, and SpiceCSM was created with the passion and power to do just that.

SpiceCSM’s iPaaS based Platform enables companies to provide the highest level of support to their customers through a robust Guided Process Workflow and Data Aggregation tool. This provides agents with all the information they need to make them successful in all interactions.

Benefits of the SpiceCSM Platform

iPaaS-based platform allowing for companies to take advantage of scalability and stability, while enabling multi-located users.

Drive Exceptional Customer Experience in many ways:

  • Lower Average Call Times (Solve your customer’s issues faster)
  • Increase First Call Resolution (Solve more of your customers issues on the very first call)
  • Consistent messaging delivered across entire customer base
  • Increase Agent Knowledge & Satisfaction (Make your agents more knowledge about the customer and make their job easier)

Exceptional Business ROI

  • Reduce Staff Overhead (Agents can handle more work in less time)
  • No huge CAPEX or OPEX expenditures
  • Reduce Training Costs Significantly

Compliance & Security Risks Alleviation

  • User Based Roles allow companies to assign certain skills sets, to certain user
  • Users only interact with information that will allow them to deliver the highest level of service to customers.
  • Users do not need to log into multiple disparate systems, reducing the risk

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Integrated Video Conferencing Solutions SpiceCSM is integrated with most major Video Conference solutions. Regardless of which platform your team meets on, they can access their calendar, start or manage meetings, and more using the SpiceCSM Customer Engagement Hub.  Supported Video Conferencing solutions include, but are not limited to: Zoom, GoToMeeting, Microsoft Teams, Webex, and Google Meet

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